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I recently started a photoblog at and to my lovely surprise, I received an email that it was reposted by the juxers!

Screen cap of the email i received:

and the screencap in their site:

I am kind of new to this site and a newbie to photography so please forgive me if I am overreacting:D But truly thankful to the Juxers who reposted – gave me a bit of inspiration to keep on taking photos:)

Happy New Year


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Here is my version of fireworks:D When my favorite lipsticks are all lined-up like this, they look like they’re about to shoot!:D

From left to right (All MAC): Hibiscus, crosswires, vegas volt, lickable, pink noveau, chatterbox,fashion city, alibi (my fave as proven by the rather flat head), faux, please me, playing koi.

From left to right: Hibiscus, crosswires, vegas volt, lickable, pink noveau

From left to right: chatterbox,fashion city, alibi (my fave as proven by the rather flat head), faux, please me

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! HERE’S TO 2012 AND TO MORE LIPSTICKS!!!Will post an entry soon with lipsticks on my lips!:D


Louis Vuitton island


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I might be 3 months late on this news, but can I just say – this is Amazing?!  The 12th La Maison of Louis Vuitton just opened in Singapore last September and did I mention, it is a whole freaking man-made island?  The architecture of which is impeccable!

It is located by the Marina bay Sands in Singapore and it is huge!

walls are painted and designed by Ruben Toledo, one of my favorite illustrators! For those that have the Nina Garcia books – style strategy, the one hundred, etc, he is the illustrator of these books as well:)

I wish I can visit this soon! I want to go here for the architecture and the awesome-ness of it and not really to buy (poor much).  haha! For more photos, check out:

project 365


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I woke up this morning thinking about the year that has gone by and the things i should do differently in 2012.  Only 1 thought came into my mind: SAVE.  Frankly, I was never actually taught on how to save my money – and quite honestly, my lifestyle always leads me to spend more than what i earn.  It didn’t take me a long time to go over my transactions over the net and see that the bulk of my spend was on clothing and beauty – signs that a girl shan’t be ashamed of!  But then again, reality strikes me and I realize i have super poor budgeting skills.  I downloaded this budget excel spreadsheet over the net and I am determined to add more money to my savings account every month (like 50% of income), and set certain percentages for clothing, beauty and other expenses.  I’m still trying to figure out the right % that will not put me into spending shock.  After all, it’s not that easy changing a lifestyle.

In an effort to help me save on clothing, I had an idea last year to come up with different and unique looks everyday for 2011.  This was my new year’s resolution then to help keep the creative juices up.  I was successful of course, but sadly, I was not able to document it.  I was kind of lazy to take photos of what I wore everyday because one, my slr is too heavy for me to bring everyday; two, my camera phone sucks; and three, my ipad camera sucks too.  Basically I don’t have a lightweight, portable camera.  Yeah I know, stupid excuse. haha!  In any case, I am doing it again this 2012.  This time TRYING to document everyday.  Interestingly, I was going over the internet looking for a photo with “365” to put here for this entry and found out a LOT of sites doing the same thing!  It’s apparently called Project 365.  It’s more of a photography thing where people take photos of anything each day and posts them on their flickr and other sites.  Apparently, this project 365 has been ongoing from as early as 2004!  Okay just to be clear – i honestly did not know and did not copy the concept~ I’d like to think I had a good idea:)  Anyway, mine will be more fashion focused i suppose! Wish me luck! I’m gonna reward myself and buy myself a macbook pro/blackberry/digital camera from the money i saved . haha! Merry Christmas everyone!

*photo taken from google images